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For the publishing projects listed below, I served as a content developer, researcher, writer, editor, copyeditor, proofreader, instructional designer, project lead, and/or editorial director.

For convenience, the projects are coded as books          ,     

 online courses 

 , or online assessments.


Global Project Management Simulation

The Activity Network Diagram

Instructor Guide

The Activity Network Diagram

Participant Guide

The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger®

Affinity & Immunoaffinity

Purification Techniques

The Affinity Diagram Instructor Guide

The Affinity Diagram Participant Guide

Agile Certified Practitioner

(PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep

Agile Improvement Simulation:

SaaSy Corporation

Agile Team Challenges

Agile Team Simulation: Carnon Corporation

Allerton Connector Highway

Project Management Simulation

Antigen Retrieval Techniques

Apoptosis Detection and Assay Methods

The Birth of Lean

The Black Belt Memory Jogger®

CAPM® Exam Prep Course

The Cause and Effect Diagram

Instructor Guide

The Cause and Effect Diagram

Participant Guide

Challenges for Agile Teams

CompTIA Project+® Exam Prep Course

The Control Chart Instructor Guide

The Control Chart Participant Guide

The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger®

Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Ethics for Project Managers

Expression Genetics:

Accelerated & High Throughput Methods

Expression Genetics: Differential Display

Facilitation at a Glance!

Facilitation Dynamics Instructor Guide

Facilitation Dynamics Participant Guide

The Flowchart Instructor Guide

The Flowchart Participant  Guide

Follow the Learner

HealthMax Software

Project Management Simulation

Healthy at Work

The Histogram Instructor Guide

The Histogram Participant Guide

Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices

Integrating Agile

into a Waterfall Environment

The Interrrelationship Digraph

Instructor Guide

The Interrrelationship Digraph

Participant Guide

Introduction to Agile

Introduction to Business Analysis

The ISO 9001:2000 Standard Paraphrased

Kaizen Express

Lean Basics

Lean Lexicon, 5th Edition

Lean Six Sigma Basics

Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt Certification Exam

Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt Exam Prep Course

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt Certification Exam

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt Exam Prep Course

Logistics and Distribution Management

Managing Real World Projects

Managing to Learn

The Matrix Diagram Instructor Guide

The Matrix Diagram Participant Guide

The Memory Jogger® 9000/2000

The Memory Jogger® II

for Laboratory Operations

The Memory Jogger® II Healthcare Edition

Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques: Application to Disease Diagnosis

Operations Management

The Pareto Chart Instructor Guide

The Pareto Chart Participant Guide

The PCR Technique: DNA Sequencing

PgMP® Exam Prep Course

PM Skills®: Analysis and Problem Solving

PM Skills®:  Change Management

PM Skills®: Communication

PM Skills®: Conflict Management

PM Skills®: Critical Thinking

and Decision Making

PM Skills®: Embracing Risk and Uncertainty

PM Skills®: Expanding Focus

and Alignment

PM Skills®: Interaction and Engagement

PM Skills®: Interpersonal Skills

for Project Leaders

PM Skills®: Leadership

PM Skills®: Negotiation

PM Skills®: Planning and Project Design

PM Skills®: Tailoring and Adaptability

PM Skills®: Team Development

PM Skills® Toolkit: Communication Tools

PM Skills® Toolkit:

Resource Negotiation Tools

PMP® Exam Prep Course

PMP® 1: Introduction

to Project Management

PMP® 2: Project Processes

and the Project Life Cycle

PMP® 3: Project Integration Management

PMP® 4: Project Scope Management

PMP® 5: Project Schedule Management

PMP® 6: Project Cost Management

PMP® 7: Project Quality Management

PMP® 8: Project Resource Management

PMP® 9:

Project Communications Management

PMP® 10: Project Risk Management

PMP® 11:

Project Procurement Management

PMP® 12:

Project Stakeholder Management

PMSCP™ Certification Exam

Principles of Scrum

The Prioritization Matrices Instructor Guide

The Prioritization Matrices

Participant Guide

The Problem Solving Memory Jogger®

The Process Decision Program Chart Instructor Guide

The Process Decision Program Chart Participant Guide

Procurement and Supply Management

Project Management

Adaptive Learning Components

Project Management

for Information Technology

Project Management Foundations

Project Management

Graduate Level College Course

Project Management Team Leadership

Project Management

Undergraduate Level College Course

Project Risk Management:

PMI-RMP® Exam Prep

The Public Health Memory Jogger® II

Quality Management Basics

The Run Chart Instructor Guide

The Run Chart Participant Guide

The Scatter Diagram Instructor Guide

The Scatter Diagram Participant Guide

Six Sigma Basics

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam

Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Prep Course

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam

Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep Course

The Six Sigma Memory Jogger® II

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam Prep Course

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Recertification Exam

The Software Requirements

Memory Jogger®

Supply Chain Management Basics

Team Launch! Team Leader's Manual

Team Launch! Team Member's Manual

Team Leadership for Project Managers

The Transformation Case Studies

The Tree Diagram Instructor Guide

The Tree Diagram Participant Guide


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